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End-Grain Butcher Block cutting boards

End-Grain Butcher Block cutting boards

The natural patterns of the wood's grains create amazing designs in these end-grain butcher block surfaces. Unlike on traditional long-grain cutting boards, the knife cuts amongst the ends of the wood fibers, rather than through them. This has two effects: a much longer life of the sharp edge on your knife and less cut marks on the board itself.

The boards can be engraved on the sides to make a special and personalized gift. We can typeset the information for you or use your design.


Small: 9” x 15”
Medium: 12” x 18”
Large: 15” x 21”

Small round: 9”
Medium round: 12”
Large round: 15”

Custom sizes orders welcomed at no additional cost.

Turn around time is 2–4 weeks.


White Oak

Mineral Oil
Local Ohio Beeswax